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Romantic Jewelry for Valentine’s Day in Bangkok:
A Valentine’s Gift Guide by Scintilla Gioielli

Everyone wants to find their significant other the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. It’s that special time once a year where you are encouraged to show your love for another person in the form of a well-thought-out present that is lavish and shimmering. There’s nothing that makes someone feel more appreciated than an elegant piece of fine jewelry that heightens your sophistication. At Scintilla Gioielli, we know just what to recommend to make your loved ones feel like they are the shining jewel in any room. Sure to spark passion in any individual, read on further to discover our curated list of Italian fine jewelry that oozes romance and makes the ideal Valentine’s Gift.

FOPE Eka in Bangkok

A no-brainer of a choice, the fine jewelry Eka collection from Fope is the first thing on our minds when it comes to a Valentine’s gift. Any piece from the Eka collection — Eka meaning ‘one’ in Sankrit’ — is the perfect present for your special ‘One’, no matter their gender. An undeniable blend of elegant luxury and innovation, these classic gold mesh designs made with their Flex’it technology are perfect for a significant other. It is a unisex collection of bracelets, rings and necklaces that effortlessly complement any outfit whether you plan to dress casually or refined. With Fope, you are always stylish and chic.

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fope eka pave bracelet

Flex'It Bracelet with Diamond Pave

The best of ultramodern excellence, the Flex’it bracelet is a gorgeous 18 karat gold creation with a shiny diamond pave rondel. Stretchy and minimal, it has Fope’s signature Flex’it technology throughout the entire design, allowing the piece of jewelry to flex and mold around your body effortlessly. It is a refreshing take on modern luxury, and a perfect choice as a Valentine’s gift for those who like to keep it simple but enjoy having a sophisticated touch.


Romantic Jewelry with Pasquale Bruni

Featuring romance at its finest, the Pasquale Bruni Petit Garden collection is one of our most cherished treasures at Scintilla Gioielli. Taking inspiration from the exotic Frangipani flower, the designs are delicate and luxurious, featuring warm pink sapphires that exude a stunning sensuality. With this collection, the designer — Eugenia Bruni — wanted to transport its wearers to the tropics and encourage them to embrace the divine energy of the feminine soul. Celebrate the femininity of your loved one with fine jewelry from this dazzling garden of diamond and gold. It will make the most wonderful Valentine’s gift for your special someone.

pasquele bruni rose gold earrings with pink sapphires
romantic 18k gold stud earrings

Petit Garden Stud Earrings in 18k Rose Gold with Pink Sapphires

In Petit Garden, they say small secrets of pure passion are handpicked. Sparkling pink sapphires on rose gold, these earrings are sure to warm the heart of your significant other. Charm your lover like never before with a hand-made piece of art from an esteemed workshop in Valenza, Italy. Made using artisanal techniques, each pair is born from love and mastery at the hands of expert goldsmiths. Let its beauty whisk you away to exotic faraway lands. It is what Eugenia Bruni intended when she created the designs inspired by the tropical islands of Bali.


Annamaria Cammilli Fine Jewelry in Bangkok

Who doesn’t love to receive flowers on Valentine’s Day? It is the most classic Valentine’s gift. Creative and artistic to her core, Annamaria Cammilli flawlessly highlights mother nature’s perfect forms with her designs. Made distinct by the brand’s Aetherna finish and hand-made engravings, each piece is a beautiful work of art of shiny and velvety gold in enchanting shapes. Surprise your loved one with a flower she won’t forget this Valentine’s Day. Explore the pristine flower-shaped designs of Annamaria Cammilli.

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annamaria cammilli bouquet ring
bouquet ring for valentine's day gift guide

Ring Bouquet with Diamonds

Unique fine jewelry made for a romantic woman. This ring from Annamaria Cammilli’s Bouquet collection is a faithful reproduction of how flowers appear in nature. From its gentle curves and hand-etched creases, the craftsmanship on these delightful masterpieces is uncanny, resulting in spectacularly classic and elegant pieces of Italian fine jewelry. Don it on your finger for the world to see. Available in different shades of gold — of which Annamaria Cammilli has 8 unique shades — bloom like the gorgeous flower you are with these remarkable designs. Seen above is the Ring Bouquet in White Ice, Yellow Sunrise and Pink Champagne on the right and the Ring Bouquet in Natural Beige, Black Lava and White Ice Gold with Diamonds on the left. There is no present more divine for the special woman in your life.


Discover Italian Fine Jewelry at Scintilla Gioielli in Bangkok

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