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Revel in the Handmade Tubogas Jewelry of Tessitore

A tale of timeless elegance and artistic brilliance unfolds through the longstanding path of Tessitore1888 in the midst of the enchanting city of Naples, Italy. This renowned establishment, founded in the auspicious year of 1888, has grown under the care of four generations, each adding their own chapter to the tale of TuboGas jewelry – a tradition that has spanned decades and continents.

A Glimpse into the Birth of Tessitore1888

It was in 1935 that Tessitore1888 embarked upon a path that would forever change the trajectory of its artistic voyage. As the world found itself amidst the throes of a transformative era, the company shifted its focus to the meticulous art of crafting TuboGas jewels by hand. This pivot marked the genesis of an extraordinary legacy, a legacy that would fuse heritage with innovation and elevate Tessitore1888 to an esteemed realm of its own.

TuboGas jewelry has deep roots that can be traced back to the glorious days of ancient Rome. A tantalising view into the past exposes the fascinating interplay of two gold lines, delicately interwoven in an entirely unexpected way. This one-of-a-kind creation got the moniker “snake chain,” which was bestowed upon it due to the chain’s incredible elasticity and mesmerising length. This early incarnation, however dissimilar from its present cousin, is recognized as the TuboGas lineage’s first ancestor, adorning wrists with a soft embrace.

Bulgari's Triumph: The 1970s Global Sensation of TuboGas Jewelry

The true global reverberation of TuboGas jewelry unfurled in the illustrious 1970s, heralded by none other than Bulgari, the Italian luxury behemoth founded in Rome in 1884. The epochal unveiling of a collection resplendent with TuboGas creations propelled this art form onto the global stage, capturing the hearts and imaginations of connoisseurs far and wide. With the stage set and the spotlight ablaze, TuboGas was anointed as the “Bulgari chain,” a symbol of opulence and sophistication that would forever redefine luxury.


Even before Bulgari’s triumphant entry, venerable houses like Tessitore1888 and Weingrill of Verona, both with decades of history, had been nurturing and refining the TuboGas tradition. These ancient ateliers, a testament to the longevity and enduring allure of this art form, had embraced TuboGas long before its meteoric rise to fame, underpinning the authenticity and timelessness that define this craft.


Nonetheless, long before Bulgari’s triumphant entry, venerable houses such as Tessitore1888 and Weingrill of Verona, both with long histories, had been nurturing and refining the TuboGas tradition. These ancient ateliers, a testament to the longevity and enduring allure of this art form, had embraced TuboGas long before its meteoric rise to fame, underpinning the authenticity and timelessness that define this craft.

TuboGas Today: A Global Must-Have in Jewelry Boutiques

Tessitore1888 stands as a beacon of this enduring tradition, a torchbearer of TuboGas heritage that refuses to be dimmed by the passage of time. For over a century and across five generations, the Tessitore family has painstakingly nurtured the TuboGas legacy, crafting a saga that radiates with the lustre of precious metals and the brilliance of gemstones. This family’s commitment to preserving the time-honoured techniques and the spirit of innovation that defines TuboGas is unyielding, manifesting in a promise to uphold this artistic heritage for generations to come.


In the embrace of these notes, penned with a lifetime of experience and a heart steeped in legacy, lies a declaration to honour the past while paving the way for the future. With each meticulously handcrafted TuboGas jewel that emerges from Tessitore1888, the echoes of history are immortalised, and the flame of craftsmanship continues to illuminate the path ahead. Just as TuboGas jewels have transcended ages, Tessitore1888’s fervent dedication ensures that this radiant tradition shall forever be etched in the annals of time, a timeless testament to the indomitable fusion of art and beauty.


In a world brimming with fleeting trends, Tubogas Jewelry stands as an eternal testament to the power of enduring beauty. With every piece that emerges from the hands of its artisans, a symphony of artistry and craftsmanship unfolds, breathing life into precious metals and gemstones. It is a journey through time, a narrative etched in gold and platinum, a story of elegance that defies the limitations of eras and epochs. 


As Tessitore1888 forges ahead, a promise is made to keep the ancient tradition alive, to pass on the legacy of TuboGas to the next generation. This pledge is a testament to the enduring spirit of Tessitore1888, a promise to let beauty and craftsmanship perdure through time. In each glint of TuboGas jewelry, the echoes of centuries past resound, a symphony of beauty that transcends the boundaries of time. The legacy of TuboGas continues to thrive, gracing the vitrines of jewelry boutiques across the globe. TuboGas jewels have become an indomitable force, an expression of elegance that transcends borders and cultures.

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