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This jewellery is exclusively sold by Scintilla Gioielli.

Our delivery service is free of charge within Thailand only.

Delivery can take up to 2-4 working days. 

For further information

Contact: 02-6109378 or [email protected]



Each pieces of Scintilla jewellery are imported from Europe. They made from 18K white gold, rose gold and yellow gold with diamond and precious stones. All jewellery are crafted with a special technique for the highest quality standards.

The Scintilla jewelry is guaranteed against production defects by our repair service for 24 months from the time of purchase. These defects, if confirmed, will be corrected or the item will be replaced at no cost.

Any damage deriving from accidents, normal wear and tear, improper use or unauthorised repairs will void this guarantee.

There is no return and exchange policy.