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Jewelry from Marco Bicego is the embodiment of expert Italian craftsmanship and contemporary design. Since the start of the new millennia, Marco Bicego has taken goldsmith crafting techniques that were passed down by his father to create pieces that imbue tradition, excellence, high quality and expert artistry. His passion for crafting gold jewelry met him early in his life. As a young boy, he would observe the gold workmanship taking place in his father’s Vicenza atelier and it inspired him to learn the craft. After receiving training, he began to produce beautiful gold accessories of his own, and thus began his professional journey in making Marco Bicego a household name in the world of Italian fine jewelry.

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Marco Bicego jewelry highlights 18 karat yellow gold that has been shaped using Old World Italian craftsmanship. Each piece is made by hand, diligently engraved and coiled by the fingers of expert goldsmiths in Vicenza, Italy. The unique brushed finishes that his jewelry is most notably recognized for is created using the ‘Bulino’ tool, a time-honored piece of hand carving equipment that has been used to create fine details on jewelry since the dawn of time. It is what sets Marco Bicego jewelry apart from others in the industry and makes their golden creations truly exceptional and distinct. So much so that this brushed texture has become the hallmark of the brand and distinguishes Marco Bicego jewelry. An innovator in his own right, Marco Bicego gives his creations a modern twist by using thick strands of gold that are tightly wound to create an 18 karat ‘thread’. This golden strand allows his goldsmiths to fashion unique shapes for his luxury designs.

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Fine jewelry produced from Marco Bicego’s workshop are masterful treasures that exude indelible sophistication and show exquisite details that highlight the beauty of nature. Since the launch of his brand in 2000, the Marco Bicego brand has become internationally renowned, with his collections being showcased and sold not only in Italy and other European counties but all over the world in places such as the United States, the Far East and the Middle East. You can even relish in the designs of Marco Bicego in Bangkok! At Scintilla Gioielli, we are delighted to showcase his iconic Lunaria and Marrakech collections at our multi-brand jewelry boutique in Siam Paragon. Come pay us a visit and witness his remarkable craftsmanship and attention to detail with your own eyes. 

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