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Which Luxury Bracelets for Women to Invest in 2022

In a blink of an eye, it’s New Year eve once again! Despite the pandemic that has been affecting the way we look with face masks; this, however, is literally the unprecedented occasion to invest in luxury bracelets that reflects your unique sense of style.


Today, Scintilla Gioielli invites you to explore our curated list of masterfully crafted bracelets for women from world-renowned brands that will compliment your wrist with such elegance and impeccable craftsmanship inherited from generations to the next. As such we would like to introduce you the following:

Tessitore1888 – Timeless TuboGas Jewelry

Tessitore is a family-owned jeweler founded in 1888 that is focused solely in doing one thing well – creating handmade “TuboGas jewelry” that is both timeless and contemporary. Tessitore as a company is led by its 5th generation of owners who breathe new twists to its TuboGas tradition.

tubogas luxury bracelet for women

What is TuboGas Jewelry?

TuboGas bangles date back from as far as the roman period where 2 gold lines are intertwined in a whole new way. It is later called ‘Snake Chain’ from its look, elasticity and length. And because of this elasticity, Tubogas jewelry can be worn on every part of the arm with a gentle grip.

TuboGas jewelry as we know them today is dated back to 19th century Italy and France. The style became famous since ‘70s thanks to the Bulgari Snake TuboGas mechanical watch.

Featured Tessitore Collections

Today, TuboGas jewelry is a must in jewelry boutiques all around the world. Despite many industrial factories producing TuboGas jewelry in Arezzo and Vicenza. Only Tessitore and a handful of Italian companies are capable of producing TuboGas jewelry the traditional way.

Cabu luxury bracelet for women

Tessitore Cabu Bracelet: A simple yet highly detailed women bracelet made by expert hands of Italian artisan. 18K yellow, rose or white gold are wrapped together offering a unique representation of elegance

Tessitore Label luxury bracelet for women

Tessitore Label: Slimmer and even more contemporary TuboGas bracelet for every day elegance. Finished with diamond pave to grant extra sparkle to your wrist.

Triangle collection luxury bracelet for women

Tessitore Triangle Bracelet: Dress up a notch with the ‘Triangle’ shaped bracelet from 18K gold and diamond that give a new twist to the timeless TuboGas bracelet. This hand-crafted bracelet will let the owner shine literally on any occasion. Available exclusively at Scintilla Gioielli.

Fope – Flex’It Bracelets

We can’t miss the brand that revolutionized the way women wear bracelets like Fope. Most Fope bracelets are made with Flex’It technique with dozens of gold springs hidden between each 18K gold links, resulting in an elegant and highly flexible bracelet one can wear every day.

Featured Fope Collections

Fope bracelets are available exclusively at Scintilla Gioielli:


Fope prima bracelet luxury bracelet for women

Fope Prima Bracelet: This simple yet highly versatile women bracelet is made entirely of 18K gold of choice with little gold springs inside for it to expand and retract according to where it is worn.


Fope eka anniversario bracelet

Fope Eka Anniversario Bracelet: If God is in the detail, then this is surely one of God’s creations made possible by masterful hands of Italian goldsmiths. The interlocking 18K gold shines like no other and offers utmost comfort where it meets the skin. A small diamond pave completes this simple yet highly detailed masterpiece.


Fope Eka bracelet luxury bracelet for women

Fope Eka Bracelet: A slight variation of Fope Flex’It bracelet made entirely of 18K gold but finished with a white gold rondel

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