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Make Your Special Someone Sparkle: Gifting High End Jewelry for the Holiday Season 2023

Elevate your special moments this holiday season with exquisite high end jewelry from Scintilla Gioielli – our multi-brand boutique showcasing the finest Italian brands. Indulge your loved one with the epitome of luxury in 18k gold jewelry, offering a range from sleek and minimalist designs by Fope and Mattia Cielo to classic extravagance from Pasquale Bruni and Annamaria Cammilli. Uncover the best of the best and let your gift sparkle with distinction.

Delight in Fope’s High End Jewelry

Fope Panorama You

Start strong with your gift giving by surprising your loved one with a personalized high end jewelry just for them. After all, wouldn’t it be best to give your one-of-a-kind person a one-of-a-kind present? Personalization is revolutionized with the Fope Panorama You collection. By using their new gold and diamond letters, you can create a unique message along the Panorama You’s 18 karat gold mesh chain. Craft a special gift by selecting a distinctive mix of letters and rondels and create your personalized bracelet or ring for your loved one. This bespoke jewelry becomes your unique FOPE branded creation, making it a truly special gift.

fope panorama you bracelet
fope high end jewelry

Fope Souls

Consider gifting a ring from Fope’s Souls collection if you’re looking to express love in a unique way. Specifically crafted to celebrate special relationships, Souls offers Flex’it rings in 18 karat white, yellow, or rose gold. Each ring is adorned with a single precious stone. Whether celebrating an engagement, friendship, or another meaningful connection, you can accentuate the ring with a precious stone. From pink or blue sapphires, rubies, emeralds, black diamonds to the timeless white diamonds, allow the stone to represent the meaning of your special bond. These Flex’it rings can even be stacked in various color combinations to mark anniversaries, births, and special occasions.

fope rings souls collection
high end jewelry fope rings

Be Enamored by Lightweight Mattia Cielo Jewels

High end jewelry from Mattia Cielo is the perfect choice for those who appreciate a minimal but sophisticated style. Blending traditional Italian goldsmithing craftsmanship with innovative design and cutting-edge technology, their 18 karat gold pieces honor the rich past of craftsmanship while embracing the possibilities of the future. Gift your loved one with jewelry that signifies the highest standards in goldsmithing and encapsulates a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Their Rugiada bracelets are lightweight, flexible, and versatile. With their timeless design, they are an effortless way to elevate any outfit for any occasion.

high end gold jewelry bracelet mattia cielo
high end jewelry earrings mattia cielo

Pasquale Bruni Jewelry for Your Loved One

For those with a feminine and delicate taste in your life, a high end jewelry piece from Pasquale Bruni’s Giardini Segreti collection is an ideal gift. This collection takes you on a journey into the enchanting metamorphosis of leaves resembling butterflies in the secret garden of life. Drawing inspiration from the magic of sinuous leaves and the allure of secret gardens in Milan, these pieces tell tales of hidden encounters, art, and nature. A tribute to the passion within female souls, the Giardini Segreti collection features flowers, leaves, and butterflies that shine gracefully, bringing a touch of precious magic to the skin.

high end jewelry gift

Adore Annamaria Cammilli Rings

For a gift that’s both unique and timeless, consider the Dune ring from Annamaria Cammilli. Crafted by hand in 18 karat gold and adorned with sparkling diamonds, each ring is distinctly irregular, drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing dunes of the desert. Featuring Annamaria Cammilli’s signature Aetherna finish, the ring showcases matte surfaces and glossy edges, enhancing the sculptural volumes and emphasizing the beauty of the gems. The result is an inimitable fluid design, where silky surfaces with an unusual beauty create a captivating piece of jewelry. The Dune series features varying styles and colors. For a standalone choice, you can select a piece that features numerous waves. If you’d like to own a range of colors, we suggest the stacking option and build rings of waves upon each other. The high end jewelry from Annamaria Cammilli is unique in that we have eight unique shades of 18 karat gold to choose from. Black Lava, Chocolate Brown, Natural Beige, Ice White, Pink Champagne, Apricot Orange, Yellow Sunburn, and Yellow Lemon Bamboo are among the choices of shades available.

Make This Holiday Season One to Remember With High End Jewelry

With this holiday gift guide at your fingertips, selecting high end jewelry as a gift for your loved one has never been easier. Gone are the days where you fret over the myriad of options that saturate the market. For something exquisite and thoughtful, our multi-brand Italian jewelry boutique is the place to go. Our seasoned experts are thrilled to assist you in selecting the ideal expression of love. Experience personalized assistance on the M Floor of Siam Paragon, ensuring your holiday season is prepared with the perfect gift.

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