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The Perfect Combination of Red and Gold Fine Jewelry for Chinese New Year

There is no combination quite as perfect as golden fine jewelry with the red hue of Chinese New Year. Whether you are wearing it or gifting it, gold often find its place in the mix of jewelry present at a Chinese New Year festivity. The Lunar New Year — also referred to as the Spring Festival in China — is a time of celebration and change. Falling on the 22nd of January, this marvelous instance marks one of the biggest holidays in Asian culture and is celebrated across the world with traditions of dragon dances, red lanterns and the gifting of red envelopes (otherwise known as ‘Hong Pao’) to others to set the tone of prosperity and good fortune for the new year. In 2023, celebrants of this occasion will be rejoicing the transition from the year of the Tiger to the year of the Rabbit — a sign that signifies new beginnings and a world full of exciting possibilities.

There are many customs associated with this celebration, one of which is believing that what you do on the eve of the Lunar New Year will have a significant impact on your luck for the upcoming days. Many people who celebrate this annual festivity stay up and shape their success for the year to come by sharing good wishes to their friends and loved ones on the midnight of January 21st. By doing this, they believe that they will be blessed with good fortune all year long.

To mark this auspicious occasion, why not be more creative? Gift your loved ones with a piece of fine jewelry from some of the most revered collections in Italian gold jewelry instead. After all, who doesn’t love some shimmering gold in their Hong Pao? We at Scintilla Gioielli have put together some alluring suggestions that will ensure your Lunar Year celebration is full of appreciation for the finer things in life. Read further to explore our dazzling recommendations.

Fine Jewelry by Marco Bicego — Look Lavish in Lunaria Collection

Marco Bicego Fine jewelry - Lunaria 18k Double Drop Earrings
Marco Bicego Lunaria 18K Gold and Diamond Pavé Cocktail Ring

A delightful plant that goes by many names, the Lunaria has also been called the Dollar Plant, the Money Plant, Moneywort, and the Silver Dollar. With success and good fortune playing such a role in the Lunar New Year, we couldn’t help but suggest pieces from Marco Bicego’s illustrious Lunaria collection. Discover unique gold pieces that are finely hand-engraved using the time-honored Burin technique by traditional Italian artisans in the blissful city of Florence where some of the best jewelers and goldsmiths in the world reside. This fine jewelry collection creates a distinctive brushed texture on the gold that sets them apart from other pieces in the world of fine jewelry. Nothing quite goes with red like gold. It’ll be the perfect addition to someone’s Hong Pao.

Featuring the 18K Yellow Gold Elongated Double Drop Earrings from the Lunaria Collection:

Featuring the 18K Yellow Gold and Diamond Pavé Cocktail Ring from the Lunaria Collection:

Explore the entire Lunaria collection:

Nanis — Change as The Year Does with the Transformista Collection

Nanis Fine jewelry - Transformista necklace
Nanis fine jewelry - Cachemire Gold and Diamond Transformista necklace

As we experience the transition of the Chinese zodiac sign from one animal to the next, celebrate with gifting jewelry that becomes something different with an effortless twist. Considered wearable works of art, timeless pieces from Nanis’ iconic ‘Transformista’ collection easily made our list of recommendations. It is a selection of fine jewelry compromised of 18 karat gold and diamond jewels that change their shape with a simple turn or touch — a great metaphor for the constant change and growth that is part of our lives. Be thoughtful and be bold. Gift your friends and family with a classic piece from Nanis’ Transformista collection.

Featuring the Cachemire Gold and Diamond Necklace from the Transformista Collection:

Featuring the Cachemire Gold and Diamond Statement Necklace from the Transformista Collection:

Explore the entire Transformista Collection:  

Pasquale Bruni — Elegant with Petit Joli and Petit Garden from Pasquale Bruni

pasquale bruni fine jewelry - petit joli ring in red
pasquale bruni Petit Garden Small Flower Necklace in red

Petit Garden and Petit Joli — for life’s most precious moments. A perfect present amongst the treasures you hand to your nearest and dearest in their Hong Pao this Chinese New Year. Gift your loved one with a piece from either of these collections to show your utmost love and appreciation for them. Delicate and beautiful, these 18K gold jewelry pieces are ones to be remembered. Born from Vera Passione and the brilliant minds of renown Italian jeweler Pasquale Bruni and his powerhouse of a daughter, Eugenia Bruni, these gold pieces are inspired by the beauty of nature in the tropics, the wonder of the feminine soul, and the blossoming of a free spirit. Idyllic and with much through behind their design, any piece from the Petit Joli or the Petit Garden collections are undeniable treasures for the eyes to behold. Illuminate the world when you wear gorgeous pieces from these wonderous collections.

Featuring the Petit Joli Necklace:

Featuring the Petit Joli Ring:

Featuring the Petit Garden Medium Ring:

Featuring the Petit Garden Single Leaf Ring:

Petit Garden Small Flower Necklace:

Explore the entire Petit Joli Collection:

Explore the entire Petit Garden collection:

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