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Amethyst Jewelry - All About the February Birthstone

Amethyst – The February Birthstone

A stunning purple variety of quartz, Amethyst has captivated people for many centuries as the February birthstone. Its name is derived from the Greek word ‘amethystos’ which means “not intoxicated.” Legend has it that wearing amethyst or drinking from vessels made of amethyst could protect one from drunkenness. Beyond its folklore, amethyst is prized for its rich color, ranging from pale lilac to deep purple. Amethyst is found in various regions worldwide, including Brazil, Uruguay, Russia, Zambia, and Madagascar. Whether worn as jewelry or kept as a decorative piece, amethyst jewelry continues to enchant people with its beauty and symbolism.

The Meaning of the Amethyst Jewel

When looking up the February birthstone, people often wonder: what does amethyst symbolize? Amethyst is often considered a precious stone that symbolizes peace. It is believed to represent qualities like deep love, happiness, humility, sincerity, stability, and inner strength. This makes it a popular choice for symbolic jewelry and spiritual practices. 

Due to its deep purple color, this precious gemstone is also commonly associated with royalty, as people often consider this shade to be a very regal color. These associations with royalty are born from the fact that in the past, purple dye was very rare and expensive. So, in addition to being a symbol for peace, it is also meant to represent great wealth.

february birthstone amethyst earrings
february birthstone amethyst necklace nanis

Are Amethysts Rare?

While amethyst, the February birthstone, is the rarest member of the quartz family, it is not difficult to find. Amethysts can be found in deposits throughout the world. Brazil stands as one of the most significant producers of amethysts, where several of its states possess large deposits. 

The most high-quality amethysts can be found in Siberia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Uruguay, and the Far East. The rarity of an amethyst depends on its color, particularly the depth and darkness of its hue. The highest grade of amethyst is called “Deep Russian”. It is also referred to as a “Siberian amethyst”. They are considered exceptional for their deep and intense shade of purple. 

Most amethysts are typically found in lighter shades. They can range from a lovely lilac hue to violet or even a delicate lavender.  With proper cutting, these gemstones can look dazzling no matter their depth of color. In fact, the advantage of amethysts in lighter shades is that they reflect and refract light very well and have a stunning sparkle. So regardless of the quality of the amethyst, they are exceptionally beautiful all the same.

Celebrate Your February Birthstone with Amethyst Jewelry

Marco Bicego Africa Collection

Indulge in an 18-karat mixed gemstone yellow gold long necklace from Marco Bicego’s Africa collection. It is a work of art where colorful gems like amethyst, peridot, and tourmaline mingle with the warmth of gold spheres that are hand-engraved using an ancient Florentine technique. Bursting with color, this necklace brings a touch of glamor and vibrancy to any outfit and is a delightful way to incorporate the February birthstone into your jewelry.

marco bicegos 18k gold earrings with precious gems
marco bicego africa necklace

Ipanema Ring from Nanis

The Ipanema collection from Nanis celebrates modern refinement, showcasing a collection that highlights 18 karat gold, diamonds and precious stones in extraordinary colors. It makes use of gems such as aquamarine, amethyst, blue topaz and much more. Of the collection, embrace elegance with their Ipanema ring. It is the perfect way to show love for the February birthstone. It is a stunning 18 karat gold ring with an amethyst at its center surrounded by four smaller diamonds. Handcrafted by expert gold artisans, it is a true testament to exquisite Italian craftsmanship.

february birthstone amethyst ring
amethyst ring february birthstone

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