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Bangkok Jewelry Store with Renaissance Masterpieces

At the heart of the ‘City of Angels’ most buzzing district, Siam, lies a multitude of Bangkok jewelry stores. One may walk into a nearby mall and find themselves anything from fashion jewelry stores, local jewelry brands on the hallways, to fine and high jewelry boutiques – all in the same place.

For guests that are not very well-versed in the world of fine jewelry, chances are the choices are simply too many and most of the products are offering literally the same thing with a different logo and slight change in design. As a multi-brand high jewelry store in Bangkok, we know that most guests who shop among these Bangkok jewelry stores eventually settle with one or more compromises on the quality of the product, craftsmanship, unique design or even promotion. With this, it is not rare that guests would get a little less than the ideal jewel they look for in some aspects.

At Scintilla Gioielli Boutique, Siam Paragon (M Floor), we believe that every piece of jewelry has to convey some message for the owner. Be it a token from a special moment, an inner artistic curiosity, a reflection of its wearer or else. To offer something above and beyond the norm that would satisfy even the most discerning ladies, our Bangkok jewelry store has sought, and found, nothing less than ‘masterpieces’. And in the world of fine and high jewelry, Italian jewelry masterpieces are celebrated in the same class as the most revered of Renaissance painters. Similar attention to detail, rigorous standard, creativity and expert hands are why ‘Italian jewelry’ has always been held in utmost respect.

Let’s have a look at some of our brands that make our Italian jewelry so special. 

Palmiero – One-of-a-kind High Jewelry

Bangkok jewelry store Palmiero Peacock
Bangkok jewelry store Peacock 2

Starting with the Palmiero Peacock Ring (images below) which is entirely hand modeled in wax with the most realistic proportions. This masterpiece is fully made of 18K gold and covered by coloured gems and diamonds that both artisans and designers worked on for months. From the expertly perforated wings and all. A true piece of art.

Discover Palmiero:

Fope – Iconic Italian Fine Jewelry Since 1929

Bangkok jewelry store Palmiero Peacock
Bangkok jewelry store Peacock 2

For a contemporary look and everyday elegance, have a look at the Fope Flex’It bracelet that revolutionized the way women wear jewelry since the 19th century. The master craftsmen at Fope designed a system that hides dozens of 18K gold springs inside a bracelet, making it expandable for a perfect fit and outstanding comfort on the skin. With such technological advancement combined with expert craftsmanship, Fope is celebrated around the globe for its jewels.

Discover Fope:

Mattia Cielo – The Jeweler of the Third Millenium

Bangkok jewelry store Fope Purple

What about technological advancement and modern technique? Definitely. Italian brands such as Mattia Cielo, also known as ‘The Jeweler of the Third Millennium’ and ‘The Moving Jewel’, focuses on making highly innovative pieces befitting the times we live in.


Have a look at the Rugiada bracelet in the image. While giving off such luxurious gleam with 18K Gold and diamond, innovative material such as titanium alloy from the aerospace industry is fused into gold to give it unprecedented ability to spring back to its original shape despite rigorous use. The material also gives this jewel a very light and comfortable feel on the skin.

Mattia Cielo – The Jeweler of the Third Millenium

The wonder does not end there but it is just the beginning. Our Bangkok jewelry store only curates pieces from the finest of Italian jewelry brands in various styles with an emphasis of three main aspects: uniqueness, craftsmanship and everyday luxury.

Discover many more world-renowned brands such as Annamaria Cammilli, Nanis, Scavia and more. With our collections, guests at our Boutique can expect nothing short of exceptional in every angle. Each brand features its own heritage and unique techniques that have been developed for many generations. This along with the finest of gold and gemstones are used to create masterpieces that convey special meaning to its wearer.

From modern and light to bold statements to one-of-a-kind pieces, our jewelry store in Bangkok at Siam Paragon has it for you. Visit us at:


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