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Annamaria Cammilli Jewelry – Where Unique Design Meets Outstanding Finishes

Cammilli Jewels are highly recognizable even without a tag. After all, Annamaria Cammilli is the only brand in the world that has its own 18K gold palette featuring 8 unique colours. Not to mention an unconventional design and techniques that allow Cammilli jewelry to shine as a protagonist – an Italian masterpiece like no other.

A Designer. A Sculptor. A Symbol of Tuscanity and Florentinity.

Annamaria Cammilli is known for her various talents. She is an icon of art with masterful sculpting and painting skills that inspires her jewelry design. As if playing with a painter’s palette, she invented new colours of gold unique to the brand for they match better with the image of fine Italian jewelry she aspires to create. Before she achieved great success as a jewelry designer, Annamaria Cammilli was already a successful painter at a young age. With her family’s long tradition into jewelry, five generations before her to be exact, it is not long before she reunited with the family tradition upon her marriage and opened yet another path of joy.

What makes Annamaria Cammilli jewelry so unique? The story of each Cammilli creation takes inspiration from nature. Its shapes, its colours, the beauty of things is the beginning of even the most abstract pieces. Alongside ideas, the jewels and the sheer level of craftsmanship polished through generations are also what makes the difference. With each new collection, Annamaria Cammilli is always at the front line to give that refined touch of art. That extra detail that many regarded as a true value of Cammilli jewels.

More than 35 years of specialization in treatment and processing of gold enabled the Annamaria Cammilli jewel to produce a special finish known as “Aetherna”. This gold finish is characterized by an alteration of shiny and silky effects that elevates depth and three-dimensional shape without deteriorating over time. This perfectly enhances the play of light as most Annamaria Cammilli jewels are also noticeable for their sculptural forms, thanks to its founder artistic genius.

Now that we highlight some unique characteristics of Annamaria Cammilli jewelry, let’s dive into some of the most recognizable collections below. Shop the full collection online at:

Dune Collection

Inspired by the flowing shapes of desert dunes. Annamaria Cammilli dune collection features matching rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants in all 8 colours of gold. In between the soft effects, small precious diamonds are placed to add even more brilliance to the piece.

Musa Collection

Characterized by its sculptural volume and the mix of special colours of gold only Annamaria Cammilli can offer, the Musa collection is one of the most distinctive Cammilli jewels without a doubt. An interplay of colour and form made possible with craftsmanship.

Sultana Collection

The Sultana collection not only combines different colours of gold, but aims for classy women that appreciates originality. Both shapes and colours are highly sculptural, even more so than the Musa collection. A more sophisticated piece designed to shine.

Aside from these three highlighted collections, you can choose to purchase or pre-order any Annamaria Cammilli jewel online at or visit our multi-brand high jewelry boutique at Siam Paragon shopping mall, M floor to explore these masterpieces up close.

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