Scavia Jewelry in Bangkok. Discover the Pinnacle of Italian Brilliance Only at Scintilla Gioielli

‘Scavia’, the name that may not ring the bell to many, but in the world of high jewelry it is one of the pioneers who brings Italian beauty to the world through exceptional jewels.

Discerning individuals with an interest in high jewelry and people who are frequented in the trade knows that Scavia is one of the world’s most celebrated Italian jewelry brands with over a century of heritage and an unmistakable personality. It’s all about extraordinary artisan expertise and a highly recognizable style obtained by being at the forefront of the international jewelry world for over a century. Truly exceptional jewels only a few would have the privilege to experience.

Discover Your Scavia Jewelry in Bangkok, Thailand at Our High Jewelry Shop.

Scintilla Gioielli, as one of the best multi-brand jewelry shops in Bangkok is proud to be the only jewelry boutique in Bangkok to offer various collections from Scavia to our clienteles.

We invite ladies of discerning tastes to explore the unique, rich Italian heritage that accentuates the jewels since 1911. The style alone gives a new meaning to beauty, but when complemented with extraordinary craftsmanship that focuses on the natural nuances and rare precious materials, it gives rise to one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces that look nothing but Scavia.

Our multi-brand high jewelry shop in Bangkok curates our offerings around four major principles: one-of-a-kind, push the boundaries, craftsmanship and heritage. All of which Scavia is an undisputed leader.

With these in mind, we now present Scavia, a brand conceived in Italy – a land where history and tradition melded together with art to create one-of-kind jewels capable of doing more than just making someone feel elegant; they’re capable of telling a story. 

Scavia jewelry in Bangkok heritage white gem

The Scavia Difference.

People often ask what distinguishes Scavia from the rest? Every jewellery maker they’ve come across always takes pride in the rich craftsmanship and unique design – then how is Scavia truly one-of-a-kind?

First of all, Scavia pieces differ by ‘style’. The design language that the brand itself gained through over a century of pushing the limits of jewelry making on the international stage. It is mentioned that every Scavia jewel always starts with an idea. What followed is the technical perfection that made it possible, and the extraordinary materials to bring it to life. Each unique art piece is a culmination of hours of hard work and care for precision so that you experience only the best of elegance. 

Speaking of heritage, Scavia is also a brand with rich Italian heritage accentuating every piece it creates. More than 100 years ago, it all began as a small shop in 1911, opened by Domenico Scavia. It represents the ties that bind the best piece with their traditional craftsmen – the ties that give each piece an unmistakable personality until this very day. A true masterpiece conceived by Fulvio Maria Scavia, the man who won more than 14 Diamonds International Awards.

Taking on a unique blend of stones and gold, Scavia has a wide array of creations. Each of them focuses on uncompromised levels of originality where shape, material and colour combine in a new way each time to tell a story that is absolutely unique.

Scavia jewelry in Bangkok yellow jewel

if we’re to present to you a list of reasons how does the uniqueness of this brand of jewellery shines through, we only have three things to say:

  • The designs are ethereal: Century-old craft secrets go into the design to give them an ethereal appeal. The subtle twists and turns in the designs present a unique message for the wearer. These twists can be observed by those with discerning eyes but can be appreciated by all. This dichotomy makes each piece unique in its own right.


  • Materializing perfection: Every Scavia design is highly recognizable. They are all made using technical perfection to bring unique designs to life. These masterpieces were conceived by Fulvio Maria Scavia, a pioneer of Italian craftsmanship. 


  • A limited number of pieces: Every Scavia piece is a piece of magic that has been conceived by bringing history to the present during crafting and applying it to rare materials that bring out the best results and meet the Scavia standards. 
Scavia jewelry in Bangkok Blue ring

These factors combine to paint an image of elegance for the interested shoppers who want nothing less than the best in their jewels. 

On this occasion we would like to present three featured Scavia collections, designed immaculately to elevate the rarity of gold and rare natural stones and exhibit flawless Italian craftsmanship that sets the golden standard in the world of high jewelry.  

Scavia Micro Pearl Earrings

Scavia jewelry in Bangkok micropearl earrings

Nothing pierces the heart of a jewellery shopper with an eye of beauty than pearls and diamonds. Not to mention this Scavia micro pearl earrings with its timeless elegance.

Bringing the earthy appeal of pearls to diamonds, this special micro pearl earning is made of 18k white gold. Shaped like a pear, these micro pearl earrings rest snuggly against the ear-lobes as the micro-pearls hang straight, caressing gently against your neck. A stunning piece perfect for many occasions. 


Scavia Sandra Full Diamond Earrings

Scavia jewelry in bangkok sandra earring

Created with a twist technique to further accentuate the encrusted diamonds, this 18k white gold earring is one to behold. Starting at the top, spiralling down and back up to attach at the top, this piece is as rare as it gets. 

Begin Your Tradition with a Piece of Scavia

Scavia jewelry in Bangkok heritage

It is rare to see a brand that upholds its century-old traditions throughout its designs, but Scavia does. Embracing Italian tradition and craftsmanship along with the finest materials resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces that simply pushes the boundary represents Scavia as a brand. If you wish to add such rarities to your collection, visit us at our high jewelry boutique at Siam Paragon on M floor. Private visit and walk-in are welcomed.

Along with high jewelry such as Scavia, we are also home to many world renowned high and fine jewelry brands in the world such as Palmiero, Fope, Marco Bicego, Annamaria Cammilli, Nanis and over 20 houses, each with its own tradition.

At Scintilla Gioielli, our clienteles find their ‘magic pieces’ that are uniquely one-of-a-kind and convey meaningful messages about its wearer.

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