18K Yellow Gold Fope Eka Tiny Bracelet


18K Yellow Gold


124,000.00 ฿



Flex’it bracelet with diamond pavé
Flexible bracelet entirely made of 18 carat gold with white gold rondels and diamond pavé.

About Fope Eka Tiny Bracelet

Fope is a jewelry brand founded in Vincenza, Italy in 1929 when Umberto Cazzola opened his first goldsmith’s workshop. From many generations, Fope is a brand that always upholds the values of family, innovation and high-quality Italian craftsmanship.

Eka means ‘One’ in Sanskrit. Fope Eka Collection is invented as a whole new way of wearing gold bracelets. Its classic gold mesh design is a rework on Fope’s invention from the 1950s to be ultra-contemporary. Built-in with Flex’It technology that hides dozens of 18k gold springs inside making this Fope Bracelet flexible and comfortable to wear. The Eka Tiny Bracelet simplified Eka Collection’s intricate chains and dazzling detailing are scaled down for a simple finish.

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