Best Jewelry Shop in Bangkok, Scintilla Gioielli at Siam Paragon

When it comes down to the very best jewelry shop in Bangkok, discerning ladies know that few could potentially match the prestigious Scintilla Gioielli boutique at Siam Paragon with  its impressive range of fine and high Italian jewelry.

Amidst an ocean of jewelry shops in Bangkok one can find in shopping malls and luxury boutiques, Scintilla Gioielli stands firm with its unique values in each jewel we offer like no other.

Our jewelry shop in Bangkok is unique because we put great emphasis on curating only one-of-a-kind jewels, mostly from Italy, that cannot be found at any other jewelry shop in Bangkok or even in Thailand

Scintilla invites you to explore the exquisite realm of luxury jewelry, one with Italian brilliance, quality and uniqueness like no other.

The “Italian Difference” at Our Jewelry Shop in Bangkok.

What’s so special about Italian jewelry, you may ask. The answer is simple. Italian jewels are regarded as the very best in terms of quality, artisanal craftsmanship, creativity and heritage of the brand. It is not uncommon for Italian brands to control the quality so much as to have their 18K gold made entirely in-house. This is just the tip of the iceberg of Italian jewelry-making.

To appreciate the true value of an Italian jewelry, one must not only look at the complete work itself, but also understand the process and story that goes into the making. Some Italian distinction includes:

  • Design: Italian jewelry is highly recognizable with its design and creativity. Many Italian jewelers are based in Vicenza, Italy’s capital of gold, a place where Renaissance’s most elegant architecture is infused with modernity. Drawing upon a long heritage in the art of jewelry-making dated as far as 600 B.C., Italian craftsmen have never failed the world in expressing unparalleled beauty through its outstanding design. This comes to no surprise since Italians artisans were perfecting their art of jewelry making even before the United States was a country.
best jewelry shop in bangkok palmiero jewels

Intricate jewelry designs by Palmiero Gioielli:


  • Quality: Italian jewelry sets a standard and there is a good reason for it. Italy is THE source of the highest quality jewelry, quality that is rare anywhere else in the world. Italian jewelry lasts a lifetime and offers a different feeling on the skin thanks to the combination of the most advanced technology, painstaking handiwork of the craftsmen and the higher karat gold and sterling silver. Such quality and comfort of high-quality Italian jewelry are something that has to be experienced. Those who did would never turn back to other alternatives. In addition, the Italian government also enforces the most stringent quality measures on Italian jewelry makers to raise their golden standard even further.


  • Craftsmanship: When handcraft is still over 80 percent of the work in Italy’s jewelry sector, quality then equals the unique skills that cannot be replicated elsewhere but here. The know-how and techniques that has passed from many generations of goldsmiths and jewelers such as hand-engraving techniques or gold finishing techniques that are simply unique. Take for example the ‘Bulino’ finish used to engrave fine lines on gold entirely by hand, creating a one-of-a-kind piece of art.
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  • Heritage: Italian jewelry are precious objects of art made to last for several lifetimes. As such, they are also made with equal lifetimes heritages that are unique to each manufacturer. Speaking of heritage, it could mean the traditional approach to gold making, specific artisanal techniques that have been well-preserved since old times, or when a brand preserves its unique value by strictly producing its jewelry by hand rather than using industrial factories. These ‘heritages’ are what elevate the value of Italian jewelry closer to art – masterpieces in its own right so to speak.

Find Your World at Our Multi-Brand Italian Jewelry Shop in Bangkok

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While the world of Italian jewelry is surely vast, our multi-brand high jewelry shop in Bangkok takes all the hassle out for our patrons by curating some of the finest Italian brands in one place. Our boutique at Siam Paragon (M Floor) showcases jewels from world-renowned brands such as Fope, Mattia Cielo, Nanis, Scavia, Palmiero and Annamaria Cammilli to begin with. We believe each of our jewelry tells a unique story. An exclusive and personal statement that not only compliments your appearance, but also ignites something within. Visit us today for an experience that will last a lifetime.


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